About Us

35 years plus now, Building, designing and creating in the residential building environment from Geometric Staircases and Furniture to New Builds and Renovations. My most enjoyable though was working in the Marine Super Yacht industry where very high standards and amazing creative designs were embraced. This creative forum sparked a new found passion in me which encapsulates all that I have learned to develop Tiny House’s in Australia today.

Frontier Tiny Homes

Frontier ensures highly skilled trade persons, each perfectionists in their own craft. Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Plumber and Electrician all form a team that pride themselves on the best outcome for your new Tiny Home. They love what they do and are most certainly creative when it comes to bringing your dream Tiny Home to life!

We will work with you to create your dream Frontier Tiny Home, to suit your life style when and where ever you choose to reside in Australia.